Preventative Maintenance


Introducing our Preventative Maintenance Management (PMM) solution.

A product that provides a real value-add to the growing list of ProjectLab service offerings as we find clients are now, more than ever, in search of trusted service providers who can truly offer assistance in protecting their interests. 

Quite often, a board of Trustees or asset owner lacks the technical knowledge and expertise required to ensure that maintenance work completed by external contractors is of an adequate standard. Most Sectional Title complexes are unable to afford a dedicated maintenance caretaker or not big enough to warrant the additional expense.

ProjectLab steps in to turn costly 'reactive' maintenance into planned 'preventative' maintenance.

We develop, implement and maintain a professional maintenance programme; specific to your building or complex. ProjectLabs PMM system improves the performance of your building or structure, reduce risk over time and avoid costly unplanned repairs.


Take the hassle & uncertainty out of maintaining your asset.

Early Identification & Planning of Maintenance Repairs

Efficient & Swift Remedial Action

Avoid Costly Consequences of a Reactive Maintenance Plan

Longterm Savings