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ProjectLab is built on the belief that no project is the same and, in fact, their uniqueness is the very reason why most often a tailor made package is required by our clients. We specialise in the identification of issues and solution finding within existing buildings. View our list of offerings below and allow us to build a set of services which best caters for your restoration, remedial maintenance or renovation needs.

Project Facilitation

Introducing our Project Facilitation services where simplicity meets professionalism to take the stress and risk out of managing your capital projects. ProjectLab has vast experience in remedial repairs, coatings, waterproofing, and all things maintenance. We adopt our own version of the internationally known project management principle called 'smart' in our approach to managing all our projects. The process ensures that you can trust in ProjectLab to mitigate the common risks and uncertainties that are so often associated with employing the services of contractors.


Our strong site presence, quality checks, contracts administration as well as our photographic progress reporting are all standard no matter how big or small your project may be.

10 Year Maintenance Plans

Amendments to the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act (STSMA) has seen the inclusion of strict requirements for Bodies Corporate to formally report on their effective maintenance of their asset. There are several new obligations that Trustees now face in order to meet the requirements of the official governing body - Community Schemes Ombud Service (CSOS).

One such obligation is the implementation and effective management of a 10 Year Maintenance Budget Plan.


Call on ProjectLab to conduct a condition survey and formulate a detailed 10 year budget plan for your Complex, Apartment Block, Commercial Property or Corporate Building.

Tender Facilitation

We identify that there is a prevalent burden placed on many of our clients when it comes to choosing the right contractor for the right job, and ensuring that the correct scope and methods are being adopted to ensure a successful project. Our professional Tender Facilitation Service reduces this uncertainty and mitigates many of the risks that are so prevalent when undertaking a capital project on a building. Our team will ensure that a specific scope of works is developed, relevant to the project at hand. This is essential as every project is unique in its requirements and we utilise external specialists such as engineers or product manufacturers in order to draw up specifications to support our recommendations. A project specific health and safety specification is also included. Our qualified Quantity Surveyors assess and measure up the scope of works and produce a full bill of quantities. Following the project briefing with prospective contractors and having received their bids, the team will produce a full adjudication for submission to the client. Only reputable and pre-vetted contractors and well known manufacturers are put forward by ProjectLab for tenders.


From consultation and specifications, to quantifying and adjudication; we will handle your next tender process with professionalism and transparency.

Quality Assurance

ProjectLab is contracted to the best known paint manufacturers in South Africa to carry out onsite testing of their coating systems. This is to ensure that the manufacturers specification is adhered to fully by the applicator on site. This ensures that the end user of the product is assured of a strong guarantee by both the manufacturer and the applicator.


ProjectLab has developed a set of unique in-house Apps that are used to submit reports without delay.


ProjectLab utilises the best industry equipment to perform testing of coating thicknesses under microscope, moisture within substrates and other elements such as humidity and temperature.

This service ensures that a product guarantee can be trusted.

3rd Party Assessments

ProjectLab has considerable experience and knowledge in general building principles, structures, waterproofing, substrates and coating systems. We are here to assist with professional assessment reports on failures, faults and latent defects.


Where we may not be suitably equipped or lack the internal expertise for a certain failure we will include consultation and opinion from relevant outsourced professionals.

Health & Safety Services

A safe and healthy workplace or project not only protects employees or workers from injury and illness, it can also reduce absenteeism and staff turnover, increase productivity and quality, and raise employee morale. In other words, safety is good for business.


Protecting your employees or workforce is not only a legal obligation, but the right thing to do.

At ProjectLab we employ qualified Health & Safety Officers to take care of your needs; whether for a specific project, to meet compliance or for ongoing consultation and monitoring.


From policies and procedures to risk assessments and training, we've got you covered!

Structural Engineering

Structural related issues can be a concern when conducting our assessments. Where necessary we involve professional engineers to assist us with supplying remedial repair recommendations in order to solve an identified problem. Whilst we do not directly employ engineers, we have formed relationships with these professionals so as to ensure that our clients receive the expert advice they need.

Interesting Structure

Drone Services

The use of drones has become quite common in our industry. These small un-manned aircraft can be used extremely efficiently as inspection or surveying tools. When required we utilise the services of a qualified and licensed drone pilot.

Beware of using unlicensed pilots, as the Civil Aviation Authority has implemented strict regulations governing the use of drones in cities.

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